Saudi Arabia demands that Muslims should wait before making Hajj plans

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia is asking Muslims to hold up before making arrangements to go to the yearly Haj journey until there is greater clearness about the dangerous corona virus pandemic, the realm’s pastor for Haj and Umrah said on Tuesday.

Some 2.5 million pioneers as a rule run to the holiest destinations of Islam in Makkah and Medina every year for the week-long custom, which is a once in a blue moon obligation for each physically fit Muslim and a significant wellspring of salary for the realm.

While, the corona virus tainted cases flooded to more than 846,000 and more than 41,500 passing with more than 3,900 new passing revealed over the world on Tuesday.

Then again, around three out of four Americans are currently, or going to be, under some type of lock down, as more states fix measures to battle the corona virus. Maryland, Virginia, Arizona and Tennessee turned into the most recent states to arrange residents to remain at home, which means 32 of 50 states have made such strides, announced BBC on Tuesday.

In the mean time governors are quarreling with President Donald Trump about the accessibility of testing packs. The US has in excess of 175,000 affirmed infection cases and more than 3,400 passing.

The US currently has more COVID-19 fatalities than China, where the disease was first revealed. Nearly 245 million individuals are as of now compelled to remain at home, or confronting such requests which become effective later on Tuesday.