How Moms take care of their newborn babies?

Let’s discuss an important topic about newborn babies.  Initial Mothers don’t know about the development of newborn baby. The simplest and most difficult thing is to look after a baby.  You must know the basic needs of your baby. 

One of the most pleasurable aspects of infant care occurs when parents have a deep relationship with their child during sensitive times in the first hours and days after birth. Bonding makes parents feed their hungry child and watch out for the baby’s wide array of screams in the middle of the night.  Due to this bonding, a mother takes care of her baby a lot.

 There are following steps that a mother must take for her newborn baby.

1. Sleep while sleeping for your child – start a routine for bedtime.

2. Safely bath your infant.

3. When your baby is up, settle him down and have a restful time.

4. Request assistance.

5. Before handling your boy, wash your hands (or use a hand sanitizer).

6. Support the head and neck of your baby.

7. Don’t shake your newborn, whether playing or being upset.