10 Dangerous and Astonishing bridges in the world

The Royal Gorge Bridge
The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is the highest suspension bridge in the United States. That’s not the impressive part though.
What makes this bridge so interesting is that it didn’t have any wind cables when it was built in 1929.
Monkey Bridges
The Monkey Bridges in Vietnam are a series of bridges that offer access across the Mekong Delta.
Swinging Bridges
Located in Pakistan across the Hunza River, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge is easily among the most dangerous bridges in the world.
The Seven Mile Bridge
The Seven Mile Bridge located in Florida is actually the second iteration of the original Seven Mile Bridge decommissioned years ago because it prevented boats to pass through.
The Deception Pass Bridge
Deception Pass Bridge is a Washington State bridge that connects two local islands. Prior to the construction of the bridge, these islands were only accessible via ferry
The Pontchartrain Causeway
The Pontchartrain Causeway located in Pontchartrain, Louisiana is the longest bridge to cross over water in the world, even if it only stands 16 feet high
The Canopy Walk
The Canopy Walk, which is located in Ghana, is suspended 40 feet in the air and is around 1000 feet in length.
The Langkawi Sky Bridge
The Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia hovers over 400 feet from the ground. What makes this bridge so scary is that it was once closed due to rumors that it had the potential to collapse
The Mount Titlis Bridge
The bridge over Mount Titlis in Switzerland stretches above the Swiss Alps. It is approximately 3000 meters from the ground and is quite narrow
The Vitim River Bridge
This particular bridge is located in Russia. Aside from its wooden components and old age, the bridge also lacks any guard rails